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The HOPE² IGNITE Programme is a new free training opportunity for graduates that might be stuck and wonder "What do I do now?"

We aim to teach skills that boost your confidence and enhance your skills set to prepare you for the next step in your career.

You will learn the following:
* Build your personal brand
* Create a impactful CV
* What to expect in an interview
* Prepare for an interview
* Prepare for the world of work
* Develop a positive attitude
* Set career goals


Learnership Training Certification Kukhula Hope 2 Ignite

Entrepreneurial skills are skills for life. It is an opportunity to learn important skills such as teamwork, networking, problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, and self-discipline. All these skills can help in school performance and later in life.
It prevents exclusion from the labour market exclusion in the labour market is higher for youth and women. Entrepreneurship is also a real tool for a more secure future.

We change people’s lives through the HOPE2.IGNITE programme, a social development drive to help alleviate unemployment amongst South African unemployed youth that do not have further education or having completed secondary education and to upskill them to the potential of becoming employable, encouraging our youth to start their own business and make an impact in their communities.
Although all of our training is SAQA unit standard aligned, our focus is on the value add, and the purpose of the training is to ensure that the ultimate outcome is achieved. We utilise online training (e-learning), with the focus on the outcome changed behaviour and impact in the community. The HOPE2.IGNITE is for unemployed youth graduates who have a further certificate/diploma/degree but cannot find employment.

Youth development occurs firstly through support that is provided by facilitators, families and communities. Secondly, it takes place by way of opportunities that allow young people to explore and experience how to approach life.
We are also able to recruit, place and train Youth with Disabilities with our own in-house Enrolment Division.


Partner with us for your CSI initiatives and programmes, to invest in developing the unemployed Youth, Women and Children. To become more employable or start and run their own small business.

We change peoples lives through our social development drives to help alleviate unemployment amongst South African youth and upskill them to their full potential. We strive to facilitate a better understanding of the World of Work, provide our learners with confidence, optimism, improve job related skills, develop positive attitudes and to prepare them for higher responsibility.

These initiatives are run through our CSI Division, however can also be run through the NPO – Lima Mzansi (172-814 NPO). For more info, visit: www.limamzansi.co.za

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