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Qualification Training Certification IBM Skillsbuild

IBM Skillsbuild

Free training to learn job skills that will help you land a job.

Gain foundational skills to help you prepare for an entry-level job in tech, while earning credentials and getting guidance from technology experts. All at no cost.

Earn free digital credentials from IBM and our partners as you complete learning and gain core technology and workplace skills.
Lima Mzanzi Non-profit Organisation disadvantaged, youth, women, disabilities, rural communities

Lima Mzanzi

Lima Mzansi (Plant South Africa), a non-profit organisation is committed to training and developing the previously disadvantaged, youth, women, people living with disabilities, people from rural communities giving them the scarce, critical skills and competencies they need to make a future in sustainable farming for themselves, their families and providing food for their communities and South Africa.
Qualification Training Certification Hope-2-Ignite Kukhula Learnership

Hope² Ignite Program

Are you looking for a training program to expand your skillset in an area related to your current career? Or, are you a graduate with zero experience but aspiring to enter the workforce as soon as possible? One of these Kukhula learnerships can help you with that.
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